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Tropical Fish & Pet Reptiles in Johns Creek, Georgia

Choose from a wide selection of pets, including small animal, reptiles and tropical fish, when you visit Bubba's Pet Emporium in Johns Creek, Georgia. We are your one-stop source for premium pets and pet supplies.

Tropical Fish

We provide a variety of freshwater fish for your aquarium.  We always have cichlids, tetras, bettas, gold fish and other popular fish available.

Small Animals & Birds:

• Rabbits
• Guinea Pigs
• Hamsters
• Varied Assortment of Rescue Animals


Bubba's Pet Emporium has a variety of reptiles, including chameleons, dragons and geckos. Other reptiles are readily available as pets, including ball pythons and hognose snakes.

Tropical Fish, Tropical Fish, Pet Reptiles in Johns Creek, GA

Our Reptile Feeders Include:

• Crickets
• Mice

• Rats
• Dubia

Contact Bubba's Pet Emporium in Johns Creek, Georgia, to request more information about our pets, including pet reptiles and tropical fish.